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Top Walleye Baits For Ice Fishing

Welcome to thoe wold of walleye ice fishing: serious anglers only! :)

Not only am I about to serve up some of the most productive walleye bait presentations for use under the ice, but I'm going to give you a few other great tips as well.

If you're reading this, you've probably already got some ice fishing experience under your belt...so you know to be prepared for the weather. Clothing is key. Dress in layers. Be ready for anything.

You also know it can be a challenge to find the walleye, so I highly recommend fish finding equipment to make it easier. You'll be drilling less, fishing more, and hauling in more walleye.

And please, please, please, never forget to test the ice thickness before going out there. And never take someone else's word for it either!

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And while the follow tips are excellent, there's no substitute for talking to other ice fishermen who fish your spots as well. Talk to them, share ideas, learn all you can.

Tip #1: I like using light weight fishing line...and tying the hook directly to the main line. Always inspect your line ot make sure it's in good shape as well. Fishing line wears out faster in the harsh conditions, and because there's no way to stop it from rubbing on the ice.

Tip #2: It's all vertical fishing in the ice, and the best bait I've found are jigs. Test black, chartreuse, white, and yellow for triggering bites under the ice. Also test airplane jigs, house flies, shrimp and spoons.

Tip #3: Stay alert. The bites won't be quite as hard (which is why I use light line, and a sensitive rig). Real easy to miss the nibbles. If you feel you're missing a lot, rig up a bobber so you can "see" the bites.

Finally, walleye fishing is fun year round...but winter time ice fishing can be the most rewarding of all. Again, be prepared, be safe... and catch lots of walleye!

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