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How To "Work" 3 Deadly Pike Fishing Lures

Pike fishing is exciting, and challenging. First tip: stay on your toes! It's common to get lulled into a state of boredom, only to find yourself in the fish fight of your life a few minutes later.

The best pike fishing is in the great lakes... and it's most popular during the spawn between April and May.

As far as lures go, before selecting them it's important to think about a pike's natural food sources. Basically, they feed on lots of different small bait fish, along with small rodents, frogs, and even small birds!

They can get big, because they can live between 10-12 years... and fight like the dickens.

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If you want good results with lures, you gotta use the right ones. It's all about getting their attention...because of they "notice" a possible food source, they'll attack it more often than not.

Pike Lure #1: Spoons

The simplicity of this lure is what makes it so effective for catching Northern Pike. Basically, it's an oval artifical lure with a treble hook on it.

Spoons wiggle and spin with the current...and the "flash" combined with the movement attract attention from pike. I recommend red, white, and chartreuse colored spoons. (I have friends that swear by orange, yellow, or red as well.)

You can cast, vrtical fish, or troll, and I recommend trying all of these.

If you are casting...cast the spoon just past a possible bite zone, and steadily reel it through the area.

Pike Lure #2: Crankbaits

You can find crankbaits in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors...and you can easily match them to almost any bait fish Northern Pike feed on. The 2 most popular look like yellow perch and shad.

Bash these against structure when you can...this can really catch the attention of the wandering pike, and draw him to your bait. Also, try bouncing them a long the bottom as well.

I haven't had results with crankbaits in the grass or weed beds... hard structure mostly.

If you're getting too many hang ups, switch to crank baits with a wide lip to limit these.

Pike Lure #3: Spinners

Large spinners attract pike with flash and virbration. Use these in weeds and other "soft cover" spots for best results.

If you're in deep water, try Inline spinners or Willow spinners. These 2 spin close to the shaft, and are great for fast retrieval.

If you're fishing ina n around vegetation stick to a willow blade spinner.

A final word... fly fishing.

Yep, it's getting more and more popularity every year for Northern Pike. Give it a shot for an additional challenge. (As if you need more of a challenge!)

Otherwise stick to casting, drifting, jigging, and trolling... and most of all have fun!

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