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How To Setup My #1 Favorite Walleye Fishing Rig

Let me give you the bottom line first. The best walleye fishermen use spinner rigst to catch walleye in a variety of situations. If you want to increase your catch count, you'll test them out.

This rig can be extremely effective because it combines different components to create a killer presentation that drive walleye crazy. Of course, there are pre-made spinner rigs you can buy, but here are some simple steps to make your own.

First, always set these up before heading out to your fishing spot. The rule is not to waste time setting stuff up out on the water which you can easily setup the night before.

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STEP 1: Gather your materials.

* 12 pound monofilament test line

* Glass beads

* A #4 or #6 walleye hook

* A Colorado spinner blade with a clevis

STEP 2: Cut off 5' of test line.

STEP 3: Use a clinch knot to tie the hook to the end of the line.

STEP 4: Slide 6 glass beads down the line to rest on the clinch knot.

STEP 5: Use an overhand knot 1/4" above the beads to keep them "secure" but allow some rattle room.

STEP 6: Thread the test line through the small openings located at both ends of the clevis.

STEP 7: Slide the entire spinner down the line to rest on the knot above the beads. Tie another knot right above the spinner, but allow for some movement as well.

STEP 8: Tie a 2" or 3" loop on the other end of yoru leader so you can easily tie it to your omain line.

Your all done. Easy huh?

Reminder: the distance between the hook and the swivel needs to be adjusted based on how fast you'll be fishing, and of course the type of water you'll be fishing in. (This is called the "snell" length.)

Increase the snell length when fishing fast in clear water.

In murky/dark water, have a shorter snell to get deeper while you fish slower.

I highly recommend using the spinner rig for walleye in muddy or stained water. Depending on what spinner you use, it will produce a little flash (as well as vibration) which will grab the attention of surrounding walleye.

They also work well if the walleye are disperesed across a wide area. It can bring them all to you in a tight group with all the activity.

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