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“Rear End” Minnow Hooking And Other Crappie Fishing Tricks

Ready for some random crappie tips today?  Great…these all work well… 1. Clip one of the minnow’s fins, and then hook him in the rear end. The minnow will put up more of a struggle to keep himself upright, and will create more action from the crappie.  This will NOT shorten his life if you […]

“Mangled” Pinfish For Snook…

Want to catch a nice Snook? Use a pinfish for bait, but before you cast it out there, cut off the back fin.  (Make sure to hook the pinfish through the mouth too.) The pinfish will struggle like crazy to swim upgright, sending off vibrations to attract the snook (and other nearby predators). This is […]

“Fisher Grandma” On Crappie Hooks

One of my favorite ladies, “Fisher Grandma” in Ohio swears by gold crappie hooks.  She uses a size 6 tru-turn gold hook with a minnow to slam 13″ black crappies all day long. She says she uses a “colorful” 1/16 oz. jig while wade fishing. Now, I haven’t tried this myself, but each May she […]

Fall Bass Fishing “Color Change”

Just got an email from one of our customers about fall bass fishing.  It’s still several months away, but I wanted to put it out here before I forget.  It’s a great tip that I’ve had success with as well. When the water starts cooling down (even down as low as 50 degrees), there are […]

An awesome setup for catching catfish in rivers

This tip was discovered on the Deleware river by a good friend of mine. What you’ll do is setup a fish finder rig with a 4/0 circle hook.  Use a 4 ounce weight. Bait the hook with either fresh blue fish chunks or fresh sardine chunks. Keep the bait almost frozen so the chunks thaw […]