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Before we dig into the saltwater fishing tips below, let me say that these are all things that have worked for me over the years. Don't take it as gospel as different things will work in different areas... however many of these tips can easily be adapted to any area of the world.

Most of this applies to inshore fishing, but you can also use some of it for deep sea fishing.

It's best to have 2 setups. One you'll use for smaller fish like snook, redfish, founder, pompano, speckled trout, spanish mackerel, and other small fish.

The second setup will be for bigger (and more aggressive) fish such as sea bass, striper, tarpon, tripletail, cobia, blufish, dorado, small/medium size sharks, and other big species.

On the lighter rig, you need a robust reel that can handle the rigors of saltwater fishing. Get one that is constructed of stainless steel, graphite, or anodized aluminum... with 3-6 stainless teel bearings.

The rule is: the more bearings in your reel, the smoother it is. Try to use one with a gear ratio of at least 5-1... on up to 62-1. (and more if you wish.)

You'll also need a spool that is longer than the short freshwater spools. This will enable you to sling lighter baits out farther. Also, makre sure your real can hold 150-250 yards of 12 pound monofilament fishing line.

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As for as the length of your rod, it's largely your choice.

When fishing from shore or a pier, a long rod isn't really necessary. Just use a 7-8 foot, medium action graphite rod. It should have Fuji guides and a strong reel seat.

On the heavier setup, the same reel specifications hold true excelt that your rell will need to hold 350 yards (at least) of 20 lb. test monofilament line. (And if you use a level wind reel, get one with a bait clicker.)

And also, on the heavier setup, the same general rod construction applies, but you need a medium-heavy action rod of 7 1/2 - 9 feet.

If you plan on trolling, make sure you have a good selection of jigs and lures for the species you plan to target. (Most of what you'll want to use are imitation squid, shrimp, ullet, eel, and cigar minnows.)

Another thig you may consider if you're trolling is a spider rig setup for your boat. This allows you to troll with several evenly spaced rods.

Now... if you do a lot of bait fishing from a boat, pier, or shore, make sure you bring the following: wire leaders, saltwater barrel swivels, sharp hooks, and a selection of pyramid/egg/bell sinkers.

For this type of fishing I recommend bottom fishing wiht a double hook rig... and if you're going for speckled trout, you can catch a quick limit with a double jig setup rigged under a popping cork.

Some final safety tips:

If you're wade fishing, be aware of the incoming tide. It can bring larger predatory fish like sharks an barracuda...right into you.

When walking/wading, shuffle or slide your feet along bottom... this gives any singrays a chance to get out of the way.

If the water changes in front of you (i.e. it gets choppy, darker, or you see swirls), don't wade into it. This could mean a stronger current, deeper water, or even an undertow.

A little common sense will keep you out of most trouble... so you can enjoy putting some of these tips to use and catch some fish! :)

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